Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Swamy threatens to drag Pawar and co to court over World Cup

Maverick politician and Janata Party ( is it still alive) leader Subramanium Swamy has found a cause wrthy enough to fight.
Swamy has threatened to sue the BCCI if it failed to stop BCCI officials, including vice-President Rajiv Shukla, of planting stories against Team India captain Rahul Dravid and coach Greg Chappell in the media.
"The BCCI has unfortunately made the selection process cricket players, team captain and coach a matter of public debate and discourse," Swamy said.
Charging the BCCI vice-President of planting stories against a select group of players, Swamy said the speculation surrounding the future of Dravid and Chappell proved that insiders such as Shukla were feeding the media.
"The media has pounced on selective leaks of individual members of the BCCI such as Rajiv Shukla, who have been regularly interacting with members of the press to get stories planted in favour or against certain cricketers," he said.
"The latest tnews in the media speculating the dismissal of both Dravid and Chappell bears the stamp of such a motivated campaign," he added.
Swamy said if the board did nothing to stop the campaign, he would be forced to drag it to the court.
"If the BCCI will not stop the selective leads and target inconvenient players who are otherwise performing under very difficult circumstances, I will have no alternative in the public interest but to approach the court and seek a full fledged inquiry into the working of BCCI," he threatened.
Is Sharad Pawar listening?

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