Thursday, March 08, 2007

Why Dravid did not support Ganguly?

By John Cheeran
National selection committee chairman Dilip Vengsarkar has told Karan Thapar during the Devil’s Advocate programme in CNN-IBN that opener (or is he a spinner now?) Virender Sehwag was not his selection.
Vengsarkar has revealed that Sehwag was skipper Rahul Dravid’s choice.
In Indian cricket, selectors do not explain their decisions to the point who voted in favour of whom.
They normally explain the general philosophy behind the decision but the decision always had the veneer of collective responsibility. That is the way it should be.
It is always the defeated party who rushes in to tell the world that 'it was not me.'
Justifiably the BCCI is upset and has asked for an explanation from the selection committee chairman.
I do not know whether Vengsarkar’s confession has anything got to do with the BCCI’s decision not to send him along with the team for the World Cup. Sanjay Jagdale is the selector-manager in the West Indies now.
Beyond all that the Vengsarkar’s interview raises two pertinent points.
Now that Indian captain is having a major say in selection matters, as has been revealed by Vengsarkar, does it mean that Dravid did not back Ganguly the same way has stood up for Sehwag?
Does it mean that had Dravid asked for Ganguly in the side, Kiran More would have obliged him?
Or is it the BCCI themselves were against Ganguly?
Now for the second question.
If Dravid was not backing Sehwag who would have Vengsrakar brought in as the 15th member of the Indian World Cup squad?
I wish Karan Thapar had asked that question to Vengsarkar.

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